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Game Fishing Experience

I love to spend the day fishing for salmon, trout or grayling on a beautiful meandering flowing river, this is a truly inspiring experience for me. You are in a completely different environment in relation to the challenges of everyday life.

When we are on the river we are at one with nature, we have to use our intuition, experience, skills, knowledge of the river and the wildlife living alongside it for us to capture the beauty in the fish that lie beneath the surface.

The moment we feel the tug on the line, and see the bend in the rod our heartbeat surges with excitement and anticipation. We steady ourselves for the battle ahead, and when we see the splash on the surface we know that it is the spirit of the fish and it’s will to survive that we are challenging. As natures beauty glides towards the net, we rely on our skills to bring it to us safely. What a feeling that is !!

For me as a professional photographer the emotions, excitement and satisfaction of catching the fish are the special moments to cherish and capture, for these are brief and can easily be missed.

On the Day

If you are on a days fishing with friends, a member of a fishing club or syndicate, you too could have these special moments captured for you by myself Bryan Marquis professional photographer.

I would be with you to photograph the highlights and events of the day for you to remember, It could be the best fish you have ever caught or the one that got away.

This could then be followed by a more relaxed and candid series of photographs taken afterwards in the pub or hotel perhaps. You could have individual or group photographs taken to remember who was with you that day. The images taken throughout the day can then be printed, mounted and framed by us for you to enjoy for years to ahead.

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You are welcome to leave your enquiry for our Equine Events, Pet & Dog Show photography, Game Shooting Experience, Game Fishing Experience days out on our contact page or you can email: or telephone me Bryan Marquis directly on 01282 816310 /  07534 657907 where I will be pleased to discuss your requirements.


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