Country Living


Country Life is available to everyone who appreciates nature and the great outdoors and what it offers. Beautiful scenery, majestic meandering rivers, spectacular wildlife and an abundance of activities which we can enjoy, such as walking in the hills, fishing on the rivers Ribble, Hodder or the Lune, horse riding, clay pigeon shooting or a day on a pheasant shoot. You can also enjoy attending or competing at an Equine event or Dog show, it is all part of country life..

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Here at Marquis Photography we are professional photographers who love the outdoor life, the wonders of nature in the landscapes, the intriguing life and characters of the animals, horses, dogs and people working and living in the country. We aim to capture and share these elements and details for you to enjoy, through our photography.

Equine Events, Pet & Dog shows, Game Fairs

If you are taking part in an Equine event we can be there to capture the emotions and the special relationship between you and your horse on the day. If you are entering your pet or show dog into a competition we could be there to take a professional photograph for you. Then  we will create a  beautifully printed, mounted and framed photograph for you to hang on a wall to remember that special day. 

Game Shooting Experience

Many people enjoy a day out shooting whether that is clay pigeon with friends or on an organised live pheasant shoot on a country estate with gun dogs and beaters.

We have arranged with the members of shooting clubs to attend their shooting days to take photographs of the members on the guns in country attire and their dogs retrieving the birds, covering the events of the day and the characters of the people involved.

If you are a member or organiser of a Game shooting club and would like to have professional photographs of your event we would be very pleased to join you on a shooting day. We can arrange a photo shoot for half a day or a full day depending upon your requirements, and are available for weekdays or weekend shoots.

You can contact us via our contact page, email, or telephone directly on  01282 816310  Mobile 07534 657907

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Game Fishing Experience

I love to spend the day fishing for salmon, trout or grayling on a beautiful meandering flowing river, this is a truly inspiring experience for me. You are in a completely different environment in relation to the challenges of everyday life.

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