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Photography is a Passion “My Passion”.

As a professional photographer you learn to look beyond the lens of the camera and observe the potential of the whole picture. It is here where we use our technical expertise and knowledge of the subject to capture that one special moment in our images for all to see.

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Creative and Artistic Photography

Our Photography Services

Family & Portrait Photography
Wedding Photography
Food, Hotel & Restaurant Photography
Commercial Photography
Event Photography

Photography is a form of art where you can express yourself artistically to show your individuality, creativity, and innovation just like a painter on a canvas.

The power, strength, motivation and impact of being a professional photographer is immense, it can be uplifting and life changing. Capturing historic moments through the lens is unique and sometimes very personal to the photographer.

I hope you can share in “My passion” and enjoy browsing through my image galleries where you can sense and feel these emotions in my photography.

To make an enquiry you can contact us via our contact page, email:  or telephone us directly 01282 816310  mobile: 07534 657907 where we will be pleased to deal with your enquiry

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